What Is A.R.C.E.?

National Organization

The American Research Center in Egypt is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1948. Originally, its purpose was to serve as an outpost in Egypt for American institutions with archaeological programs. ARCE established a permanent office in Cairo to assist expedition teams who were in Egypt for the expedition season only, representing their interests on a year-round basis. The emergence of the Arab world, with Cairo at its center, underscored the need for a broader understanding of Egypt that encompassed its more recent history and aspirations. Responding to that need, ARCE expanded its role to include the study of medieval and modern Egypt, as well as the country's ancient past. ARCE participated in salvaging the monuments of Nubia from the rising Nile behind the Aswan dam and surveying the scientific manuscripts in Arabic in the National Libary in Cairo. There is a fellowship program inaugurated in 1957 with over 400 alumni scholars to date. Today ARCE supports projects all over Egypt which study and conserve its precious heritage.

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